FACEBOOK WARNING: DON'T CLICK "My Valentines this year will be someone very special :) See yours now

This Valentine’s Day scam appears troublesome because the appeal to one’s dating instincts makes it hard not to click on these applications, at least if you’re single and still looking for someone else out there.

When you click on the "Find Your Valentine Now!" button, you are taken to a screen that asks you to install the "Valentine Locator" Facebook application. Then, if you agree to install the application, you give the spammer the right to access to your basic information, post to your wall, access your family and relationships and access your friends' information.

Try to avoid the temptation because the exercise only wastes your time, spams your friends and exposes you to malware. Ultimately, all of the apps lead to the familiar marketing survey and if you complete one it gives money to the spammer.