Monday, February 7, 2011

How To Determine If A Number Is From Globe, Smart, or Sun Subscriber?

Are you Having a hard time guessing if someone texted you is from a SMART, GLOBE or SUN Cellular subsciber? Unknowingly sending SMS or calling numbers that belong to a different network carrier and you're on a pre-paid promo forfeiting the free texts/calls?

Well, thanks to my friends/classmates who are currently/previously working in these Big 3 Telecommunication Company. According to them, there is the best and easiest way to determine SMART, GLOBE and SUN Cellular number.

First, look at the 4th digit of the mobile number with the format like this 09xx.

Example #1: 091815092169

For example #1, the 4th digit is eight (8) which means from Smart Network.

Example #2: 09171234567

For example #2, the 4th digit is seven (7) which means from Globe Network.

Example #3: 09221234567

For example #3, the 4th digit is two (2) which means from Sun Cellular Network.
Please refer to the table below for the 4th digit network identification:
Sun Cellular: 2 & 3 (note: there's a 0912 prefix from Talk N Text, therefore, Sun numbers should have a prefix of 0922)
Globe: 5, 6 & 7
Smart: 8, 9, 0 & 1
Here's the complete list of the of the network providers and its corresponding number:

For GLOBE/TM/Globe Tattoo
0905 - Globe/Globe Tattoo
0906 - TM only
0915 - Globe/Globe Tattoo
0916 - Globe/TM
0917 - Globe/Globe Tattoo
0926 - Globe/TM
0927 - Globe
0935 - NEW Globe Prefix no.
0936 - NEW Globe Prefix no.
0937 - NEW Globe Prefix no.
0996 - NEW Globe Prefix no.
0997 - NEW Globe Prefix no.
SMS Centers:
+639150200003 (Islacom)[1]
+639170000130 (Globe/TM)

For SMART/TalkNText/Addict Mobile/RED MOBILE
0907 - TalkNText only
0908 - Smart only
0909 - TalkNText only
0910 - TalkNText only
0912 - TalkNText only
0918 - Smart/TalkNText
0919 - Smart/TalkNText
0920 - Smart/TalkNText/Addict Mobile
0921 - Smart only
0928 - Smart/TalkNTextt
0929 - Smart only
0930 - (Available also in Red Mobile)
0938 - (Available also in Red Mobile)
0939 - (Available also in Red Mobile)
0948 - NEW Smart prefix no.
0949 - NEW Smart prefix no.
0989 - C.U.R.E/U-mobile/Red Mobile
0999 - C.U.R.E/U-mobile/Red Mobile
SMS Centers:
+639180000101 (Smart/Talk 'N Text)
+639180001467 (Red Mobile)
+639990001801 (├╝mobile)

For Sun Cellular
0932 NEW prefix no.
0933 NEW prefix no.
SMS Center:

For Extelcom
0979 - Unidentified mobile network company


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