Top 10 Causes of Death in The Philippines in 2010

Below are the top ten causes of death in the Philippines as of July 2010.

1. Heart disease
This is the killer disease that every single adult knows. However, with our over-indulge in eating salty, sweet, or fatty foods, we sometimes ignore these foods that leads to a heart attack. It was also noted a rise in the number of young people getting heart diseases.

2. Stroke
Seventy percent of stroke cases in the Philippines are ischemic in nature. A stroke attack happens suddenly but it can be prevented by early diagnosis and treatment of hypertension or high levels of cholesterol.

3. Cancer
50,000 cancer cases have been recorded in the Philippines and the number is increasing every year. 16% of these recorded deaths are due to breast cancer.

4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases
These diseases includes chronic bronchitis, chronic asthma, and emphysema - in other words, these diseases prevent air to freely flow to and from the lungs. 15% of cigarette smokers develop this type of disease. Second-hand smoke and pollution aggravates the problem.

5. Road accidents and injuries
In 2010 alone, a lots of major bus crashes happened like the one in Benguet and Cebu which took the lives of at least 62 Filipinos and Iranians.

6. Diabetes
An estimated four million Filipinos suffer from diabetes last year and expected to increase 10 times in 5 years if not properly addressed. With diabetes comes a number of life-threatening health complications such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.

7. Dengue fever

According to Department of Health, there were 62,503 dengue fever cases have been recorded from January to August 2010. Of this number, 465 deaths have been identified.

8. Maternal deaths

The Philippines is one of the 55 countries that contributes to 94% of all maternal deaths recorded worldwide. Common causes of maternal deaths include hemorrhage, hypertension, sepsis, labor and delivery problems, and complications related to abortion.

9. Kidney failure
Kidney failure happens when the kidneys cannot function properly. Stage 5 kidney failure requires dialysis and of the patients who undergo dialysis, only 50% may be healthy enough to undergo kidney transplant and of this number, only 20% can afford the costly life-saving operation.

10. Perinatal conditions
The Philippines is one of the 42 countries that contributes to 90% of global under-five deaths at a ratio of 34 per 1,000 live births. Of this number, 47% is identified as deaths of infants less than 28 days old. Leading causes of perinatal deaths include diarrhea, pneumonia, sepsis, pneumonia, and asphyxia.

Source: Wikipilipinas