PINOY KA BA? Kabilang ka ba dito? You are a FILIPINO if....

I'm proud to be PINOY!! Sarap maging PINOY!!!

Philippines could be considered as one of the countries with rich of unique cultures with traditional life's still retained at many areas nowadays. Many Filipino migrants still remain loyal to their distinctive as Filipinos.

Here's the list of the most common Filipino classic personality traits and cultural traditions:

You are a Filipino if...

• You raise your eyebrows to say YES.

• You scratch your HEAD when you don't know the answer.

• You point with your LIPS.

• You nod backwards to say YES.

• You nod your HEAD upwards to greet someone.

• You have relatives whose NICKNAMES with repeated syllables like Ging-Ging, Day-Day, Bong-Bong, or Che-Che.

• You have uncles and aunts named BOY or BEBE.

• In your DINING ROOM there's a picture of "Last Supper"

• The FURNITURE in your house is covered with blankets / plastics.

• You use shopping PLASTIC BAGS as garbage bags at home.

• You go to DEPARTMENT STORES and try to bargain with the PRICE.

• You keep a "TABO"in your bathroom.

• You know how to eat with your bare HANDS.

• You know a meal isn't a meal unless there's a RICE.

• You greet your elders by touching their HANDS to your forehead (Mano).

• Your relatives or friends usually likes to sing KARAOKE everytime they went to your house.

• Almost always the first thing you offer to your guests is FOOD.

• You always take your SHOES off when you enter a house.

• Your second piece of luggage is a BALIKBAYAN BOX.

• You hold your palms together and say "excuse, excuse" when you pass in between people or in front of them.

• Your mother or father came from a FAMILY with at least 5 children.

• You always have sardines and noodles in your PANTRY.

• You've eaten the "BALUT" at least once in your lifetime.

• You are familiar with Monkey-Monkey-Annabelle, Langit-Lupa-Impyerno, Syato, Luksong-Tinik at Luksong-Baka.

• You use old newspapers and magazines as cover of your textbooks and notebooks.

• You get excited when you see a FILIPINO on a foreign TV channels.

• You measure the water for cooking rice with your two FINGERS.

• Your partly believed in various SUPERSTITIOUS: saying "tabi tabi, po"..and so on.

That's all folks. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Perhaps you can add more here...this is just for fun.

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