INSENSITIVE Facebook posts against 'Sendong' victims SPARKS outrageous comments

Two Filipinos Celine Acut and Van Carumba have been the center of hatred among Filipino netizens after they posted an insensitive and harsh comments on Facebook about the typhoon Sendong victims.

Celine Acut, a Fiipino migrant living in France, and Van Carumba, a Cebuano living in the United Arab Emirates, are now the subject of angry posts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and the screen shots of their FB posts have been posted on several blogs and gone viral. There were also pages created on Facebook specifically to bash them.

Neither Acut nor Carumba could be reached for comment as it’s not yet confirmed if Celine Acut and Van Carumba are real person of just a dummy Facebook account.

According to Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology Registrar, they have no records of a Celine Acut graduating from their school.

Celine Acut comments read:
"According to the news, almost all of the victims are poor families, so it’s better that they all die this early… whats the point of living a life which is full of hunger. at least they are now resting with peace.. they are worthless, they are unproductive and their lives has no value at all.. they are just making more problems to the society so as i said its better that they have died this early… they don’t deserve a chance to live because they are poor, they are not VIP anyways…

“I even wish sendong to come back and flash away those remaining poor families over there..”

While, Van Carumba says:
"Buti nangyari yan sa CDO…Di pa namamatay lahat ng tao jan.”

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