Single and Happy on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day isn't just for sweethearts exchanging flowers, cards, offering confectionery, and loving sentiments with warm feelings of admiration and affection. It is also a celebration of all the loves in our lives like our family and friends that touch our hearts.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days in a year. So, it is natural that we wish to celebrate this special day with somebody on a special and 
unique way. However, being SINGLE on V-Day with no dates in sight can induce feelings of being alone and worst, if you just recently came from a break up, I guess this is the day of grieving…huhu.. :-(

However, single men and women can still enjoy V-Day without worrying the pressures from their peers.

First, get out from your hard shell and go with people who do love you and care for you like your friends, officemates, classmates, yaya and family members. 

If you are fresh from a shattered relationship, do not pretend you are fine and OK. Express yourself, get advice, support and sympathy from your friends or somebody that you have trusted most. This is the best time for you to start to move on from what has been an incredibly distressing time.

Secondly, do not see yourself by your Facebook "relationship status". Normally, we feel self-conscious if our relationship statuses stuck in SINGLE for quite sometime, that’s why we are persuaded to change it to “it’s complicated” or even “in a relationship” or “engaged” just to satisfy our emptiness. 

Now, do you think this will help you free from your lonesomeness feelings? I think NO. Try to reflect and ask yourself why you feel that way before making any moves that are not necessary and ineffective. I would tell you that a "relationship status" is not your IDENTITY! It’s just a state of affairs. So, be proud of being single with more freedom on hand as you have the control of your time, money and of course no more emotional ups and downs. :-)

Single ladies and gentlemen, do what you love this Valentine's Day! 

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