Don't be a Fool on April Fool's Day (April 1) (Watch Best Prank Video)

April Fools' Day is celebrated all around the world on the 1st day of April every year. It is not a legal holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day that tolerates practical jokes and general foolishness.

April Fool's Day is a "for-fun-only" observance. Pranks and practical jokes performed on this day range from a simple such as saying "Your zipper is open or there's a cut on your shirt" to an elaborate jokes that last the entire day like setting up a roommate's alarm clock back an hour. 

Whatever the prank, the trickster usually ends it by yelling to his victim, "April Fool!"

Well, it is simply a fun little holiday, but a holiday on which one must remain forever vigilant, for he may be the next April Fool! 

So, don't be surprise if you see the Facebook status of your friend that he or she's happily married or that he/she is finally engaged.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Watch this Best Ever Office Prank courtesy of YouTube posted by cheeksdown.

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