Philippine-based Call Center Agent bribed a customer, subject of an Australian investigation (Video)

A video regarding a Telstra operator who allegedly bribed a Telstra customer is circulating on the web. The alleged Telstra operator's name is "Daniella". After speaking to McNeill from a call centre about his $557 dollar bill, she contacted him privately via email and attempted to extort a $60 charge in exchange of wiping out his bills.

Daniella's message to McNeill goes like this:

You really sound pleasant to me...lols do you want me to rectify this bill straight away? can do some reverse of charge and just put your account on $99 charge! so you won't have problem when you go inter-state work if i can received a special presents... cheers! daniella..=)

“Daniella” also supposedly said: 

“You can wire me $60. I’ll take care of your account no dramas at all. It’s up to you ... This conversation never happened.”

Video credit: TodayTonight / YouTube

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