Cebu-based call center closes shop, more than 600 loses their jobs

More than 600 call center agents loss their job after Cebu-based call center company, Direct Access Corporation, closed shop Monday night.

According to the report, the company is one of the locators at Asiatown I.T. Park in Cebu City and due to financial losses, they suspended its operation effective July 30 for a period of six months.

“If the company could not recover financially, there will be a permanent retrenchment on the sixth month where you will be paid what is due under the Philippine labor laws. Thank you for your continued understanding of the company’s situation,” said chief operating officer of the company, Jeffrey Newman, on his notice sent to his employees.

However, the employees lamented that they were caught off guard with the sudden closure of the company and file a complaint letter to the Department of Labor and Employment-7.

Source: Philstar

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