Ironman 70.3 athletes tweets, comments about Cebu and the Race

"Philippines has captured my heart, again. It's special what happens when you land in a place so touched by love and appreciation," Bree Wee, 2nd placer in women's category, posted on her BLOG.

American Wee added, "I took those very words that make up part of what the Philippines rest on, love and appreciation, and made it my race day plan. Just went out there loving and appreciating every moment from start to finish." Continue reading her blog by clicking - breeweehawaii.blogspot.com

First placer, Pete Jacobs of Australia, described yesterday’s race as “one of the toughest conditions for an Ironman event.”

Belinda Granger, 3rd placer in women's category, also tweeted:

Paul Ryman, 7th placer, and Jenson Button, 14th placer, shared their comments via their respective Tweeter accounts:

Ali Fitch, who did not finish the race, tweeted using her tweeter account @ali_fitch:

Meanwhile, Amanda Stevens, 4th placer in women's category, posted on her Official Facebook Page - Amanda Stevens-Sadler "Doc" Professional Triathlete.

"These smiles are the reasons why I love the 70.3 Philippines." 

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