Ateneo, Adamson wins - UAAP Season 75 Mens Basketball Team Results (September 15)

Check out the updated UAAP Season 75 Mens Basketball Team Standings and Results.

*1st Game: 
Final score:  AdU 89   - UE 69

The scores:

AdU (89): Cruz 21, Cabrera 15, Brondial 14, Camson 10, Rios 9, Etrone 9, Monteclaro 7, Petilos 2, Olalia 2

UE (69): Sumang 24, Javier 18, Sumido 10, Santos 10, Belleza 3, Galanza 2, Duran 2

*2nd Game: Ateneo 68 - UST 66

The scores:

ADMU (68): Ravena 18, Tiongson 13, Buenafe 11, Slaughter 10, Sumalinog 7, Salva 6, Elorde 3

UST (66): Abdul 22, Teng 12, Mariano 9, Fortuna 8, Ferrer 8, Bautista 7

UAAP Mens Basketball
Team Standings as of September 15, 2012


UAAP Mens Basketball Second-Round Schedule:
23-Aug-12Thursday2:00pmNUAdUMOA ArenaNU def. AdU
4:00pmUSTFEUMOA ArenaFEU def. UST
25-Aug-12Saturday2:00pmUEDLSUMOA ArenaDLSU def. UE
4:00pmADMUUPMOA ArenaADMU def. UP
26-Aug-12Sunday2:00pmAdUFEUSmart Araneta ColiseumFEU def. AdU
4:00pmUSTNUSmart Araneta ColiseumUST def. NU
29-Aug-12Wednesday2:00pmUSTDLSUMOA ArenaDLSU def. UST
30-Aug-12Thursday2:00pmUENUMOA ArenaNU def. UE
4:00pmAdUUPMOA ArenaADU def. UP
1-Sep-12Saturday12:00pmAdUUSTSmart Araneta ColiseumUST def. AdU
4:00pmDLSUADMUSmart Araneta ColiseumADMU def. DLSU
2-Sep-12Sunday2:00pmUPUEMOA ArenaUE def. UP
4:00pmFEUNUMOA Arena'replay'
6-Sep-12Thursday2:00pmADMUUEMOA ArenaUE def. ADMU
4:00pmDLSUUPMOA ArenaDLSU def. UP
8-Sep-12Saturday2:00pmUPUSTMOA Arena / PSC UltraUST def. UP
4:00pmUEFEUMOA Arena / PSC UltraFEU def. UE
9-Sep-12Sunday2:00pmADMUAdUMOA ArenaADMU def. AdU
4:00pmDLSUNUMOA ArenaNU def. DLSU
13-Sep-12Thursday2:00pmUP FEU PSC UltraFEU def. UP
4:00pmNU ADMU PSC UltraADMU def. NU
15-Sep-12Saturday2:00pmUEAdU MOA ArenaAdU def. UE
4:00pmUSTADMU MOA ArenaADMU def. UST
16-Sep-12Wednesday2:00pmNU UPMOA Arena
4:00pmFEUDLSUMOA Arena
20-Sep-12Thursday2:00pmUSTUEMOA Arena
4:00pmAdU DLSU MOA Arena

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