Letran & EAC wins - NCAA Season 88 Seniors Basketball Team Results (September 22)

Check out the updated NCAA Season 88 Seniors Division Basketball Team Standings, Results and Schedules.

1st Game: 
Final Score: EAC Generals (73) -  CSB Blazers (64)

2nd Game:  Final Score: CSJL Knights (70) vs. JRU Bombers (59)
- Letran is now at solo 3rd.
JRU Bombers dropped to No. 5.

NCAA Seniors Division Basketball
Team Standings as of September 22, 2012

SBC Red Lions132
SSC-R Stags114
CSJL Knights 106
UPHSD Altas96
JRU Bombers97
EAC Generals79
MIT Cardinals 69
AU Chiefs510
CSB Blazers412
LPU Pirates312

NCAA Seniors Division Basketball Schedule:

4:00 PM1-Sep-12Arena, San Juan EAC Generalsvs. MIT CardinalsMIT def. EAC
6:00 PM1-Sep-12Arena, San Juan SBC Red Lionsvs. CSJL KnightsSBC def. CSJL
4:00 PM3-Sep-12Arena, San Juan SSC-R Stagsvs. CSB BlazersSSC-R def. CSB
6:00 PM3-Sep-12Arena, San Juan JRU Bombersvs. UPHSD AltasUPHSD def. JRU
4:00 PM6-Sep-12Arena, San Juan CSJL Knightsvs. LPU PiratesCSJL def. LPU
6:00 PM6-Sep-12Arena, San Juan AU Chiefsvs. MIT CardinalsAU def. MIT
4:00 PM8-Sep-12Arena, San Juan UPHSD Altasvs. EAC GeneralsEAC def. UPHSD
6:00 PM8-Sep-12Arena, San Juan SBC Red Lionsvs. JRU BombersSBC def. JRU
4:00 PM10-Sep-12Arena, San Juan MIT Cardinalsvs. SSC-R StagsSSC-R def.  MIT
6:00 PM10-Sep-12Arena, San Juan CSB Blazersvs. CSJL KnightsCSJL  def.  CSB
4:00 PM13-Sep-12Arena, San Juan AU Chiefsvs. UPHSD AltasUPHSD def. AU
6:00 PM13-Sep-12Arena, San Juan LPU Piratesvs. JRU BombersLPU def. JRU
4:00 PM15-Sep-12Arena, San Juan EAC Generalsvs. SBC Red LionsSBC def.  EAC
6:00 PM15-Sep-12Arena, San Juan SSC-R Stagsvs. CSJL KnightsCSJL  def.  SSC-R 
4:00 PM17-Sep-12Arena, San Juan MIT Cardinalsvs. UPHSD AltasMIT Cardinals def.  UPHSD Altas
6:00 PM17-Sep-12Arena, San Juan JRU Bombersvs. CSB BlazersJRU Bombers def.  CSB Blazers
4:00 PM20-Sep-12Arena, San Juan AU Chiefsvs. SBC Red LionsSBC Red Lions def.  AU Chiefs   
6:00 PM20-Sep-12Arena, San Juan LPU Piratesvs. EAC GeneralsEAC Generals def.  LPU Pirates
4:00 PM22-Sep-12Arena, San Juan EAC Generalsvs. CSB BlazersEAC Generals def. CSB Blazers
6:00 PM22-Sep-12Arena, San Juan CSJL Knightsvs. JRU BombersCSJL Knights def.  JRU Bombers
4:00 PM25-Sep-12Subic Bay FreeportSBC Red Lionsvs. MIT Cardinals
6:00 PM25-Sep-12Subic Bay Freeport UPHSD Altasvs. LPU Pirates
4:00 PM27-Sep-12Arena, San Juan LPU Piratesvs. AU Chiefs
6:00 PM27-Sep-12Arena, San Juan SSC-R Stagsvs. JRU Bombers
4:00 PM29-Sep-12Arena, San Juan EAC Generalsvs. CSJL Knights
6:00 PM29-Sep-12Arena, San Juan UPHSD Altasvs. SBC Red Lions
4:00 PM1-Oct-12Arena, San Juan MIT Cardinalsvs. LPU Pirates
6:00 PM1-Oct-12Arena, San Juan AU Chiefsvs. CSB Blazers
4:00 PM4-Oct-12Arena, San Juan JRU Bombersvs. EAC Generals
6:00 PM4-Oct-12Arena, San Juan UPHSD Altasvs. SSC-R Stags
4:00 PM6-Oct-12Arena, San Juan CSJL Knightsvs. AU Chiefs
6:00 PM6-Oct-12Arena, San Juan MIT Cardinalsvs. CSB Blazers
6:00 PM8-Oct-12Arena, San JuanSBC Red Lionsvs. SSC-R Stags

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