Footages of massive flooding in Manila - September 15, 2012

Videos of the massive flooding in low-lying communities in Metro Manila on Saturday morning (September 15) were uploaded by Netizens via their YouTube accounts..

Watch the videos courtesy of YouTube:

Video credit: GOGOGOLEZ
"Flood prone area, Sucat, First District, Paranaque. Grabe baha sa SM Sucat area. Buhol-buhol traffic. Sucat is a National Road and is the responsibility of the DPWH. No flooding in Sucat Second District, Paranaque of Cong. Roilo Golez who recently initiated big drainage & flood control project in his part of Sucat, by closely coordinating with the DPWH, in collaboration with Mayor Jun Bernabe, Councilor Benjo Bernabe and Councilor Rico Golez."

Video credit: Missy Labsyoo

Video credit: charcharintint123
"This always happens every time there's continuous rain for just about an hour. I hope the Quezon City government does something about this soon. We always get floods that are more than 10 feet high."

Video credit: MackyAko21
"EspaƱa Ocean Park - 09-15-2012"

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