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When is Father's Day 2011?

Father's Day is a special day for everyone! The same way as we celebrated the Mother's Day to honor motherhood, Father's Day characterizes fatherhood to honor our fathers, father-figures and grandfathers. Father's Day 2011 will be celebrated on Sunday, June 19th in most of the countries worldwide.

Daddy, Father, Papa, Tatay – Whatever you call them, they are pretty special to us! As the saying goes: anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DADDY! So, this is the right time for us to let our fathers know we value and respect him.

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddys in the World!!

Believe in Yourself: An Inspirational Video

When things seems gone wrong, when someone disappoint you, or let you down, don't lose your faith. Keep believe in your self. Rest, if you must, but don't you give up!

I chose this motivational video because of the message of believing in yourself. It is such a very nice inspirational video with a soothing music background.

Despite of disappointments and frustrations, never give up rather continue to believe in yourself and allow yourself to succeed! Believing in yourself with the level that's so high will practically attract positive things into your life and those will help you reach your goals.

Watch this video. CLICK HERE<<

The Life of a Working Student

Being a working student is not an easy life to get into – time and boundless patience are needed but it can be exciting and fulfilling too. While others have the choice of making their college education a full-time commitment, working students must juggle the work and school to pursue their dreams. Aside from studying their lessons for the upcoming exams, making research and assignment, beating the project deadlines, working student are also tied up with their part-time job that should be carry out everyday. Wow, it’s so strenuous and sometimes frustrating if they miss their class because of work schedule conflicts.

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2nd Semester – Here We Go Again!

Semestral Break of two weeks is over and back to school once again. I bet most of you guys have spent practically entire break at home glued to your TV sets, chatting with friends at Facebook or Friendster and surfing internet. Others went out to big malls and parks hanging around with family and friends. But everything has its end and the semestral break experience we had is actually great!

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Every College Student Should Know

College experience is unique for everyone and can be awesome. Others may have a hard time adjusting to it and struggled in coping up with the sudden change of environment. This personal journey need courage and determination to survive and overcome the anxieties and frustrations.


Surigao: Home Sweet Home

Surigao City, Philippines
Maradjao Karadjao Surigao!

It’s almost a year now that I haven’t gone to Surigao City. I really miss this beautiful and growing urban place that is full of attractions and offers rich of history. You know it’s my great pleasure to have grown up in Surigao and have lots of memories that I will always treasure.

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